I realized a few things as I prepared to write this post – it’s been over a year since we displayed some of our own personal images (time to change that!).  I also realized that you’re much more critical when you are in the picture.  And then… we realized it’s not so easy to get both of us in the same picture when there is nobody to press the button on the camera.

Having said that, we finally decided to do my maternity shoot at 37 weeks pregnant… and I get to write my very own blog post.  I have to thank Dave for turning me into, what I call, ‘sexy pregnant’.  I now understand that no pregnant woman want to feel like a whale, considering that you are ‘enormous’ and might even resemble that when looked at from the side.  I have to admit, I had quite a shock when looking at the pictures, telling Dave ‘gosh, I never realized my tummy is that big’.

Back to the photo shoot, even though it took us a couple of hours to set up and do, we look at the images and we’re very happy with our end results.  Thank you, Dave, for patiently listening to my ranting about clothes that make me look ‘fat’, for poses that make me look ‘pregnant’ (!?) and still, through it all, being able to capture the best of me.  Together we enjoyed running up and down, planning our poses together, waiting for a timer to go off, pulling off some Bond look images and laughing at each other’s facial expressions.  Overall, it was a really good experience… and for once, we are actually behind the lens in the same picture.  How awesome are these for memories?