Who could imagine that a year ago I was writing about Abigail, our little newborn girl.  It’s scary how quickly time flies by, and before we knew it, we were planning Abigail’s first birthday party.

Not too long ago, we did a series of photographs that soon became our ‘Abi & Pots’ series… short for Abigail and Hippopotamus, deriving from the comic strip characters Calvin & Hobbes.  If you don’t know those two, Calvin was a little boy and Hobbes was his toy tiger.  However, when no one was around, Hobbes came alive, becoming a real best friend to Calvin.  Together they explored the world and were up to no good many a time!  When we looked at some of the images taken of Abigail and her toy hippo, it so much reflected these two cartoon characters that her very own story was born: Abi & Pots.

Abi & Pots therefore became the theme of our first birthday celebration. And, being photographers, no party for her would be a party without actual pictures being displayed.  We realized how many times you capture moments and sadly these images live on a computer where you never see it.  We decided to print moments and show them off for all to see… much to Abigail’s delight who absolutely loves seeing herself everywhere in our house!  To our surprise Retha, one of our best friends, had a little outfit custom made* to fit in with the theme – it was super special!  Also, a big thank you to Rina who helped me sculpt the Pots cupcakes :-)

So, let us take a moment in this blog to celebrate our girl’s life.  Abigail, you have turned our lives around with your happy personality, your gentle but strong spirit, your intelligence (and we sometimes stand amazed at how quickly you learn something new), your laughter that rings through the house and your unique ‘there’ pinpointing finger.  Thank you for enriching our lives and we pray many many awesome, blessed years for you to come!

Thank you to all the friends and family who shared her first birthday with us and for all of you who are part of shaping her into the little lady she is becoming.

*Abigail’s Milan outfit for her birthday party was cutom made by Hélmien.  Contact Hélmien on mielan35@gmail.com