The biggest compliment to us and our work is when someone is willing to wait months for us to become available for a photo shoot.  For this reason it was such an awesome privilege to photograph the Prentice family at Claudia’s parents’ home in Linbro park, Johannesburg… and all we can say is that we are so glad you chose us – we really enjoyed the afternoon with you guys!

This was a very special family photo shoot in many ways (aside from the long awaited rain interrupting us for a few minutes).  Dylan flies radio controlled aircrafts and it was great to see him and Callum have long conversations about wings and aerodynamics!  Seeing Claudia with her horses and seeing this family interact with each other were highlights in our books… and of course having a rainbow for the pictures was a nice touch to your day.

We hope you enjoyed this photo shoot as much as we enjoyed doing it.  You are a truly special family and we hope these images captured that feeling for you.  May you enjoy your pictures and may these images be longlasting memories in your house.