This wedding was a lot of fun.  It also was one of those weddings where you know that many long hours were spent on the details and décor.  Devon and Tarryn married at Leopard Lodge in Hartbeespoort and it was a fantastic experience for us to be part of their most special day.

Where to start describing this day? Maybe with the 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen? Or with the handmade hangers for the bridesmaids dresses, the printed T-shirts for the girls, or perhaps the champagne in the dressing room or the premier whiskey served for the men?  Describing the list of details for this wedding day would take forever, so let’s highlight them in a sentence: handmade key rings for guests, wooden hearts as message notes for the couple, chalk boards for the bride in memory of where the girls met, sweets and chocolate table, interesting reception décor with woven wooden hearts and fairly lights.  It was beautiful – from start to finish.

Tarryn, you looked like a bride from any bridal magazine – from hair, to make-up, to dress, to the shoes.  No wonder you took Devon’s breath away when you walked down the isle.  I loved photographing you and the ladies, everything was so special about your day.

Devon, we were very impressed with you and the guys.  The details on the suits caught our attention, the golden collar clips and the orchid corsages. You guys looked great and we could easily imagine you as fashion icons.  Still don’t quite get how the one man who should own a comb, doesn’t?  Nevertheless, you guys looked quite fine on the day!

Devon and Tarryn, you’re such a fun couple with amazing friends who helped to make this day memorable in every single way.  Chirps from the side helped to get those natural smiles during the photos – thank you to the friends!  We enjoyed every part of your wedding day and photographing you as a couple was a highlight in our books.

Your ‘forever after’ wedding truly was an occasion that won’t be forgotton.  We are still laughing at some of those moments –  the ‘thank you very much’ from the guys while Devon spoke, the garter chipmunk dance, the group photo on the game drive vehicle and the fun and laughter on the dance floor.  Devon and Tarryn, may your lives continue to be filled with fun and laughter.  May the extra details you put into things, be a trademark of your lives together.  Thank you for having us on your wedding day, we really really enjoyed it (oh, and that was the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had!).

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