For anyone out there who has been pregnant, you will understand how envious we are of Jessica, the superstar girl of our latest maternity photo shoot.  We were honoured to be invited to capture these images for Jessica & Jemaine at their home in Fourways not too long ago.

From sentimental granddaughter shoes, to a beautiful baby room, to a glimpse into their lives, this was a shoot to be remembered from start to finish.  We really like the image when Jemaine was playing his guitar and Jessica reading her book; something that is a regular scene in their home.

Now, about that envy… Jessica is the absolute perfect pregnant woman.  Not only is she 38 weeks pregnant here, she also still fits into her normal clothing (wow!!).  Jess, you make for an absolutely gorgeous pregnant lady and both of you were awesome to work with.

We really enjoyed doing these maternity pictures for you and we hope that you will look back on this special time in the years to come with fond memories.  May this little girl be such a blessing from God for you and may she enrich your lives.