Baby Sean André was born on 24 April at exactly 13:00.  When I saw the meaning of his name “God is Gracious” it made my eyes tear up, knowing just how true that is for this couple.  For over 13 years of marriage, André and Minky never desired to have children.  Until one day, when Minky sat in the doctor’s office and the test showed positive.  So, when I saw this little boy, knowing he is a testimony of God’s grace, I was filled with a deep sense of awe for a great, miracle working God.  A God who has a plan for our lives, which may be different to our own.  A God who knows what is best for us.  A God of grace.

André and Minky, may your boy grow up being showered by God’s grace.  May he always be a testimony of the God we serve.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of this miracle in your lives.  We hope you love these images – he really is such a cute little boy… well, not that little… being born at 3.59kg!