This was such a cool newborn photo shoot.  A huge thank you to Willie and Shireen for allowing us to take over their house for the day and to go wild to create some of these images (view their maternity shoot here).  Thank you for being such good sports on the day and we hope you enjoy these pictures of your little boy!

Baby Daniel, here a mere 16 days old, has already made clear what his future will hold: superhero stunts, many African safaris and lounging on hammocks between palm trees on exotic islands, exploring the seven seas like Tintin and Snowy and of course, be the centre of attention!  Baby Daniel, our prayer for you is that you will be brave and that you may have a big impact on those around you.

Willie and Shireen, may you enjoy this little addition to your lives and may you always treasure these early memories.

*A special note to anyone concerned: no babies or animals were harmed in any way during this photo shoot!