Lately it seems like we are having the most awesome photographic experiences, the last one being afforded the privilege to do a pre-wedding photo shoot at Remo’s Fratelli Maximilliano Restaurant at Waterfall Corner.  When David and Jeanne-Marie said they felt like a retro styled diner photo shoot, Remo’s seemed to be the perfect choice with its classy interior design, the spiral staircase, the pictures on the walls, the red booths and that’s only the start of it!

David and Jeanne-Marie, you guys fit perfectly into the elegant surroundings and we enjoyed capturing those special moments between the two of you!  You were a lot of fun and a few times we almost expected David to say “Bond. James Bond”.  Thank you for putting so much effort into the photo shoot, from outfits and accessories to make-up and hair.  We really enjoyed your relaxed and comfortable relationship and the way you shared laughter with each other.  From what we could see, you honestly belong together!

Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments for you and we hope you will always treasure these in your memory boxes.  Good luck with the last few things before your big day and we are looking forward to your wedding at Leopard Lodge in June!

A special word of thanks to the Remo’s owners, management and staff, for allowing us to photograph at the Maximilliano store and for being so attentive to our every need during the photo shoot.  We appreciate the use of your facilities and for going out of your way to accommodate us.