On rare… very rare occasions do you find four friends who are pregnant at the same time with due dates within the same week.  We have four friends like that.

We like to call them the awesome foursome, not only for managing to be pregnant at the same time (!), or because all the babies are girls, but for the fact that 3 of the 4 ladies are pregnant with their second child which in my opinion is worth respecting… not to mention the fourth, Marlise, who is pregnant not with her second, not the third, but with her fifth baby.  Now that is worthwhile mentioning and respecting!  Then, the awesomeness of these four do not stop here, because these four who are about to give birth within the week of this photo shoot, just  looked absolutely amazing, radiant and gorgeous.  Now that, for me, is awesome.

Thank you for asking us to do “one” pre-baby picture for you… lol… you probably know by the end of this photo shoot that photographers can never take ‘only one’ photo and they can never bring just ‘one little camera’.  But you ladies were amazing and we thank you for granting us a fabulous photo experience.  Gigi, Marlise, Candice and Tabitha our prayer is that your girls would be such blessings in your households and may you find much joy in them.