Welcome to the tiny version of the awesome foursome, these new babies were added to the superwomen of the maternity post not too long ago.  Born within a couple of days of each other, we pray that these four girls will grow up to be good friends, to live life together, to laugh together and have fun together.

It so happened that Tabitha went into labour the evening of our photo shoot, giving birth to little Anna at a healthy weight of 3.18kg.  With pitch black thick hair, our prayer for this tiny beauty is that she will be full of grace and find favour wherever she goes.

Following a day later, the tiny (really tiny) Joy was born to Marlise on the 14th of October weighing 2.47kg.  And as her name clearly states, may she forever be a joyous addition to your household.  May she be the girl that can brighten up any situation by simply being there.

Three days later, on the 17th, Georgia was born to Gigi, weighing 3.10kg.  Our prayer is that Georgia will sow and reap hundred fold in her life.  May she harvest many blessed harvests.

And then, on the 24th, Candice gave birth to Briella, meaning ‘God is my strength’.  May that be such a truth in her life and may she always reflect His strength to those around her.

Once again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to capture some moments in time for you.  It was such a pleasure to see the characters of these four tiny lives shine through during the photo shoot.  We hope you enjoy these images!