When Jacqueline was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer almost two years ago, we were all shocked.  Sometimes life has a way of pulling you to the ground and rubbing your face in the reality that life is fleeting.  Sometimes people accept that their lives may be cut short.  And other people just don’t let the cancer monster determine their futures.  This is Jacqueline.

She has put up a mighty fine fight, battling through Red Devil Chemo, going through two major surgeries and at the same time dealing with the emotional battle of her heart and mind.  While watching her fight to get better, the idea of this photo shoot was born. After months of planning, it finally happened.

The purpose of this photo shoot was the portrayal of Jacqueline as the warrior princess: a fighter.  A lady.

Jacqueline, we salute you for the battle you have fought so hard, for the victories won, for the setbacks overcome.  You are truly beautiful.  Truly strong.  We hope you enjoyed your day and your pictures!